There’s a slim human figure strolling along the Apuanian Coast on a serene spring day. Sometimes she bends down to pick up a heart-shaped stone…She’s holding in her hand. She has been making “the Art” with that hands, since ever…

Someone bets to have seen her giving a beautiful shape to an everyday cloth, someone every day sees her creating “the Beauty” on someone else who trusts her good taste in clothes.
A real, natural, innate, “Beauty” that talks to our hearts and that sees her, as a tireless protagonist does, organising a wedding-reception, a friends party, an art exhibition, just to create and to love “the Beauty”.
Marida has been drawing and painting with a pencil, a charcoal pencil or a paint brush, since she was a child. She draws lines, she mixes colours with such a natural spontaneousness, that belongs to who really “loves” painting.

She doesn’t realise that what she’s making is an unique example never made before, because of her simplicity and her sincerity that only belongs to her. Only impartial friends, ordinary people, artistic critics, other painters, poets can suggest the “inconscious” Beauty of her creature’s to her.

By looking at them, we feel them in our hearts and they whisper something to us, or they always shout a message at us, sometimes difficult to accept or to share. Her “Beauty” has no limits, has no countries, has no rules, has no time, has no labels but it lives thanks to the intensity that it can convey when you look at it and you think about…
  Lorenzo Giustiniani
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